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Custom work

A collection of our custom pieces to help inspire your perfect creation!
Lava Lamps
Starting at: $150.00

DetailsFully customizable, choose any colors you want!

Double Initial Panel
Starting at: $325.00

DetailsAn adorable way to commemorate two people with their names in their favorite colors!

Starting at: $500.00

DetailsYour favorite vintage ride in the perfect color, or maybe your first car you drove when you were young!

Single Initial Panel
Starting at: $250.00

DetailsA simple gift for someone special, with customizable colors and backgrounds!

Pet Portraits
Starting at: $500.00

DetailsYour favorite furry, scaly, or feathered friend! A perfect way to honor their likeness.

Single Portraits
Starting at: $525.00

DetailsWhether a memorial piece, a birthday, or just to say “I love you,” an enormous treat you can hold onto forever!

Couple’s/Doubles Portraits
Starting at: $625.00

DetailsA custom portrait of your two favorite people! All that’s needed is a photograph (or two!)

Diverboi Sphere
Starting at: $400.00

DetailsIn a dark or light palette, here to make you feel like you’re on an undersea adventure every day!

Starting at: $395.00

DetailsOur favorite Spaceman is on a major trip. Customize this piece with your favorite trippy colors!

Cactus Panel
Starting at: $500.00

DetailsYour favorite desert dweller will love this customizable paddle cactus panel!

Geometric Spaceman Sphere
Starting at: $450.00

DetailsA riff on the original with an extra trippy triangular background!

Spaceman Sphere
Starting at: $400.00

DetailsFollow Major Tom into space with this porthole-style piece!

Starting at: $245.00

DetailsA favorite for mothers the world over. Always find your way home with one of these beauties!

Ramen Bowl
Starting at: $325.00

DetailsWho doesn’t love a big bowl of ramen? All of your favorite toppings are included, customizable of course!

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